Dara(P.O.D) is an energetic,vibrant and a prolific lyricist,he hails from Ejigbo in Osun state, Nigeria.He is a full time Pastor,a shepherd with undiluted unction of God,his real name is Pastor Oluwadara Ayandotun Eyitayo Ilupeju,he’s married to his best half and a paragon of beauty,Adedayo Abisola Ilupeju and they are blessed with kids.

He went through the mess to become the best,he’s a spiritual leader and an end time battle axe of God,he’s an Apostle by calling,a teacher of the word of God,an Evangelist for our generation with prophetic unction.Pastor Oluwadara believes in seeking for the lost sheeps and not for the Lordships,he believes in the notion that Jesus Christ alone paid the price for all and in him there is no nepotism,Jesus alone is the way,the truth and life,that has been his message across the globe.

He believes that the street gurus need Jesus.He was once a street soldier but later transformed by Jesus to a spiritual and a staunch soldier of the kingdom of God,he believes his experience in life is a hard copy and manual for an attitudinal and behavioural change from bad to good.Dara(P.O.D)’s songs are emotional, inspirational and Motivational,his type of music brings life to a dead mind.Pastor Oluwadara is a musician and with his songs and ministry,he’s has been able to ignite an end time revival.He’s an epitome of deliverance to those who have bleeding hearts and also in chains.

P.O.D had released many inspirational songs to his credit and one of his hits songs is ‘NOT BY MIGHT'(N.B.M) which has been enjoying massive airplay on the airwaves.He tagged his kind of music, Inspirational gospel tune(I.G.T) with a blend of hip-hop and Afro infusion,his musical piece is sleek and a spiritual injection for the dehydrated soul.Pastor Oluwadara Ilupeju in no doubt a blessing to this generation and that is why God has placed him on a pedestal of Supernatural¬†differentiation.

"Art is when we do work that matters in a creative way, in a way that touches [people] and changes them for the better."

Pastor Oluwadara (P.O.D)